Friday, March 21, 2014

Lets get it started in here!

Wow.  Two weeks since a blog?  What is wrong with me??  Well, ok, there's a list, but hey, I won't bore you with that.  One of my avid readers (I love my Uncle), requested a 'damn update' - so here goes!!

1.  Rob is awesome.  Duh.  He is also teething.  So even though my little man is the bestest thing since sliced bread, we are all dead frickin tired.  No joke.

(That's passed out.  I did not kill the kid).
2.   In light of making lemons out of....ya know....I've developed a teething biscuit recipe.

Easy Teethers

3/4 cup ground oats
3/4 AP flour or WW flour
3/4 cup baby apple juice

This is not a genius recipe - it's a adaptation from a zillion baby recipes I found with teh googlez....but its super simple.  Mix all 3 until a sticky dough forms, then shape into balls.  Place on cookie sheet, slightly flatten, then bake at 350.  Let sit for 10 minutes so they slightly harden.  makes about 2 dozen, which lasts us about a week.
They aren't gorgeous, but they are pretty natural, cheaper than mum mums ($4 a box WHAT??) and kiddo loves em.  Of course, he eats dirt, so I'm not sure his palette is the best judgement :-)

Aside from baby, work and trying to keep us in clean clothes and food...I'm running. And running some more.  Mind the ducks is 7 short weeks away, and I've been logging the miles!  I owe a Johnny's race recap (spoiler alert - no PR but I hit my B goal yay!) but it's been going really well.  Even though my time is limited, I feel like ultra might be a good fit for me. Yay.

And now, onto the weekend!  What's on your agenda?  I have 3 back to back days of 2 plus hour runs, a Euchre party (so cool am I) and hopefully a girls night.  Woot.  Have a great first spring weekend!!!

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