Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Lucky Number 7

Six days late!  Holy Cow!!  Well, in my defense...battling the plague, work deadlines, ran 40 miles, and um...plague.  But who cares about me?  SOMEONE turned 7 months old last week....and he is such a big big boy!!!

Size - Weighing in at 19 pounds - pretty soon I can just set aside my wish list for a kettle bell.  I have baby dumbbell!  I kid, I kid little man.  Still, you do love helping Mommy and Daddy do their crunches, pushups and laughing at us when we do kickboxing :-)  No clue on your height - you are too much of a wiggle worm for us to even contemplate it!

Likes:  Well, now that you are sittin' like a big boy, the world has opened up!.You love playing with your v tech steering wheel ( a free mommy find) and your cars!  You also love sittin like a big boy and grabbing anything on your blanket.  Your hand eye coordination is just awesome, and you adore playing with your blocks.  You also are getting to be a huge fan of the bathtub - you love practicing swimming, and also playing with your bath toys.  We have so much fun in the tub- you are such a fishy!!

Dislikes: Apparently you seem to to be regressing on the sleep issue again...yikes.  We don't see this at home too much - you have about two one hour naps and then sleep about 11-12 hours a night (with a few wake ups).  That seems about pretty normal to me, but what do I know?  We seem to be muddling through, with the exception of the sickies that have been invading our house.  One day at a time.  You still have the stuffies, but you are still such a happy kiddo!!

Sleep: See above - I think we are doing well, especially based off of our recent challenges.  We have good nights, we have bad nights, we have somewhere in between.  You're a baby - you're allowed!  Generally, you still eat once during the night - we are working on cutting that one out, but not in a rush to do so.

Eating: You are eating solids 2-3 times a day, and you just adore eating- you sit at your little high chair like such a connoisseur and nom nom nom all your fruits and veggies.  I'm getting more adventurous with the blender - we have started mixing fruits and veggies and grains - you love oatmeal (score!) and barley, also are a big fan of your green veggies.  My little monster.

Sitting up, unassisted - such a big feat!  It has opened up a whole new world for you!!
Ms and Ds - You babble like a champ, buddy.  I may have heard a few mamamamas....but I'm holding out on that first word.  Soon bud, soon.

Best Moment: Our conversations win, hands down.  I can't understand you and you can't understand me, but somehow we seem to do just fine together.  You are such a blessing in my world, little man, and I KNOW how lucky I am every day to have you!

Looking Forward to: Every new day!  You are starting to pull yourself up by the coffee table into standing, and scootching on your little mat....oh, you want to move so badly!

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