Monday, May 9, 2016

I promise.

Not to blog more.
Not to post "x" a week.
Not to stop freaking neglecting the six of you that read here.

I do.  I have ideas, I have thoughts.  I know you all want to know how my 30 mile run went 3 weeks ago (It hurt.  But I needed it.  And thank god I did it, or I would be crapping my pants about Saturday!).  I know you want recipes (I have them.  Some kick ass summer salads, an easy coffee cake and a delicious diabetic cranberry bread).  I KNOW you want to know about the kiddos (Biz's 8 month update WILL be posted this week, I promise!!).  And whats up about those races, Miss "I love to train?? (Yep.  Mind the Ducks 12 hour is this weekend.  And yes, I did sign up to run a marathon in the middle of the fucking desert in June).

My beautiful "distractions" :-)
Caught up?  Nah, I know it.  One would think that a taper would afford me the time to actually chat on a forum I sorely miss and love communicating on.  But Ill tell ya.  Life with a full time job and two kiddos and half a work crew and family drama llamas and training 50 miles per week well....I have to sleep sometime.  maybe for 2 hours :-P.  But the BLOG.  I know it.  Please bear with me, I promise I'm not gone for good!!!

I don't have a recipe post in me right now - the pics are on my camera and the recipe is scrolled on notebook paper....I wont forget it.  I also dont have a thought provoking race post in me and THANK goodness Biz doesn't "turn" 8 months for 3 more days!

So, how bout them ducks??  You got it.  I am officially "tapering" although after Greg tore up my plan, I really have been winging it with about 40-45 mpw over 4 runs.  I maxed out at 30 miles 3 weeks ago, which I wisely took the day off and ran on the course.  Almost 6 hours later, we got it in and shockingly I felt decent after wards.  Hungry and sore, but not falling over dead.  Yay me!

so, the race is 5 days away.  And back in 2014, I had a bit more time to navel gaze.....yeah, screw that.  Ive got a few runs, a massage tomorrow, and I'm basically packing a cooler and some extra shoes and hair ties.  This isn't a vacation, its a frickin race.  I plan to have some back ups, but in my car.  I dont need to pack a tent or clothes for a week just to haul that crap back to my car!  I also don't have planned crew - I would love to have some ooo-rahs support, and I will love you if you come out.  But I completely understand if you don't think watching me run around in circles for 12 hours is top on your to do list.  (I respect you, lol).  I havent checked the weather.  Why would I? Everyone else is!!

I did do a few smart things.  I broke in 3 pairs of shoes perfectly, in case of water spills (MOM) or in case of life.  I ordered a travel pack for my breast pump (12 hours IS a long time).  I scheduled a massage.  And NOT a dentist visit so I can, ya know, carb load and not lose 5 pounds race week.

Last time, I managed just shy of 54 miles on race day.  I think I was better prepared physically (who trains for this shit with a 2 year old and 8 month old??), but I think I'm better prepared mentally this time around.  12 hours without being responsible for anyone but me?  Doing what I love best?  With people as crazy as me?  Sure, Ill run around a pond for that.  Or 60 times (I hope).


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  1. I'm glad you're back! Good luck on race day!