Friday, May 9, 2014

What Did I get myself into?? (The pre race freak out)

 Well schnit.  In less than 18 hours (more like 36), it's go time.  12 freaking hours of running.  I have a date with mister 100k...and I'm starting to freak.  Well, ok, let me honest.  I started the freak out a few days ago.....ahh, the joy of tapering.  The last week before a race.  When you start to.....A)  Wonder what in the hell was wrong with you to sign up for this? B) Remind yourself that you did NOT do enough training and C) Wonder why this was a good idea with a baby??  ok, ok, that last one is specific to me.  In all reality, the last week of my life has been kind of a mess.  I had some foot niggles, which are better now (whew), and came right on the heels of taper.  I got in a few solid runs last weekend, and now...taper madness.  I had a 4 miler Tuesday and a 3 miler yesterday...and now I'm done.  I am working my way through a solid 3 page pack n prep list (did I tell you I am somewhat OCD?) and playing the usual mindless taper games...with a twist.  What kinda games?  Guessing games.....

 Useless Pre- Race Games I've been playing

1.  Play weather obsession.  hit 14580...refresh.  refresh.  Its gonna be 60 and sunny!  70 and rainy!   Dude.  It's Rochester.  It could be 20 and then 80.  Plus, my obsession won't change it.

2.  Pack for Armageddon.  Sure, I might need my rain jacket.  And extra shoes.  And 40 power 7 pairs of socks.  And 24 hair ties.  And  OH!  SPF 30 and SPF 80!  And I can't forget my back up hat.  Because even wear those.  I seriously seriously might need the kitchen sink though.  I'll get stinky after 12 hours :-P (Though I've never really had to add "breast pump" to my packing

3.  Freak out about under training and play the....should I try to squeeze in one last long run?  The answer is no.  Always no.  Luckily, I avoided this game, but for a less fun one....

4.  Get dental work done 4 days prior to the race.  One that requires Novocaine that you can't have because you are breastfeeding.  Have a reaction to the "other" numbing agent that leaves you unable to open your mouth halfway for 3 days and LOSE weight during your non existent carb load on a soft diet!  YAY!

5.  Sign up for another Ultra before you've even done your first.  I'm an idiot.  And I didn't tell my husband either.  Guess he knows now...hello sweetie!!

I'm sure there are more, but there are my biggest sins this week.  It's been a crap 7 days, but one more sleep and for better or worse, time to DO IT.  Hopefully a brief recap Sunday if I can walk...everyone repeat after me....100k 100k 100k  (PS- This is the first race with no secret time/distance goals).  100k is my A goal, and now I've put it out there.  Yikes.

See you on the flip side....if I make it out alive!


  1. You'll be fine. Watch this.

    1. Man, I KNEW I shoulda hired you as my coach!!