Tuesday, May 6, 2014

10: a perfect score!

Holy schnikes, kiddo.  Every time I turn around, you get bigger.  (Funny how it works there, mom genius, huh?).  You are growing like a weed, buddy.  But a beautiful weed.  And every day, you get more fun, more handsome, and I love you just that much more (how is this even possible)??  Well, let's se...this was a big month.... 

 - 21 pounds, even steven.  We did your 9 month check up a week ago (blame the doc, not me) and you were pronounced good to go for another 3 months or 3,000 miles.  3 months.  You've probably already put that many miles around the house....lol.  You are at a perfect 45-50% for height (28"), weight and head circumference (never remember that one).  My perfect kiddo.  

Likes:  Your new v tech computer (courtesy of mommy's free site), going for runs with mommy (did our first of the year), swimming!! (we can now go with Dad in the morning), and playing bongo belly, peek a boo, and taking baths.  You also love any kind of adventure, and cheering mommy and daddy on at the races (whew).  You also have found another use for your jolly jumper - you run forward as fast as you can than whirl yourself around the doorway, swing style.  Daddy is gonna have a heart attack.  Mommy just thinks it's funny.  

Dislikes: Baby jail.  We made a playroom for you, which you don't mind, but the pack n play is super restrictive.  You got places to go, and you don't mine telling us that!

Sleep: Awesome awesome, aside from teefers (6 now- holy cow!)  You have a pretty set schedule, and aside form mornings when you are bright eyed and bushy tailed at 4am, you sleep pretty well from about 8pm-6:30ish (with one wakeup).  I'll take it, kiddo!  You still love sleep snugs, and on the weekends we indulge you and take at least one nap with you (force us, I know.)

Eating: This continues to be so much fun...ham, eggs (not green), tofu, pineapple, pumpkin, mac n cheese....serve it up, you love it!  There are some veggie wars, but when we mix it in with rice or yogurt or cheese, you gobble it down.  Awesome, little dude.  Good hting mommy knows how to coupon, or else we could be in trouble in a few years!!
Mac n cheese - the best food of the month!
Easter - You met the bunny (unsure about that) but were a perfect gentleman on Easter, and naturally, everyone loves you.  Duh.
Trip to the lake- you thought the water was so cool!!
Crawling with a purpose - no one and nothing is safe from you!
Pull to standing - you do it all by yourself!  Cruising is old hat, and we are counting down the days....but...
You settled the score.  This past weekend, Daddy was holding you and you were hungry.  You looked right at me, put your arms out and yelled "Mom!".  Awwww kiddo.  Whatever you want (Even if I am just a pair of Milk duds right now.  ps - I apologize to your 16 year old self).

Best Moment: Can't beat a first word, kiddo.  My heart melted even more than I though possible...did I mention how much I stinkin love you?  You got me wrapped around your little pinkie, and I don't mind.  At all.  

Looking Forward to: Spring fun, picnics, and the start of race season....when's our first 5k???

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