Saturday, May 28, 2016

A Deal with the Devil

And so it goes.  Two weeks ago, I ran my little heart out.

I took a week (ok, 5 days off).  Did some housework.  Did some yard work.  Did some....walking.  And then I ran again.  Cause that's what I do.

I'm ready to take on the rest of the season - which includes a sprint tri in a week, a few half marathons, a few more sprint and Olympic tris, and the big enchilada on October 9 - the Empire Marathon in Syracuse, NY.  My sub 4.  I can taste it.  With a ridiculous run base under me, it's time to get Speedy Gonzales!

Mommy is crazy.
I have a 16 week plan starting June 20 - 3 runs a week, specific speeds, including a not so slow long run, speed work and tempo work each week.  It's doable, with about 30-35 mpw running.  and some tri cross training.

The first week, I'll run a marathon.  WHAT?  Don't normal people do that??  Of course they do (not).  Hear me out.  So I found out I have to go to Las Vegas for work June 22-25 (I know, I live a rough life).  I fly out Thursday, present guessed it, there's a marathon about 20 miles away from the Strip on Saturday.  Run a marathon in Vegas in June?  C'mon, it'll be fun!  It's aptly called "Running With the Devil" as daytime temps are over 100.  I have a twisted sense of fun.

Obviously, I have no plan to PR this course.  I've set up long runs of 12, 14, 16 and 18 over the next 4 weeks, and plan to do them all mid day (it's supposed to be 90 tomorrow) with a ton of water at a slow pace.  Heat training?  Best I can do in NY.  I think it'll be a fun experience to run in the desert - and for the price ($100 and free travel) how can I say no??  Exactly.

Next weekend - kicking off tri season with the Pittsford tri.  This weekend?  Time with my besties.

It's a holiday weekend and that means family, quality time, some pool time (oh yeah, we bought one of those cool 12' set fast pools - who wants to come swim?), and being together.  And, of course, remembering why we celebrate the day, with a big nod to those that have given their life to ensure we have the wonderful freedoms we do.  Happy Memorial Day!

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