Sunday, June 12, 2016

Month 9: Dang Girl, You Lookin' Fine!

Well, here we are again, little lady!  You are 9 whole months old today!  Daddy called you an old lady...and you promptly blew him a big raspberry.  You tell him, girl!  I'll let you in on a little secret, girly q - this month, while being super tiring, has been one of my favorites to date.  You are still a snuggly ball of love but with your new tricks, you are such a cool little PERSON that it is such a joy to actually be able to talk and play with you every day.  Luckiest. Mom. Ever.

Size - We go to the docs on Friday but I'm laying odds at 20 pounds.  You are totally into size 12 mos and so super tall.  Such a big girl!  Don't let anyone ever tell you that's a bad thing, GQ - you have the strongest leggos ever and they will really take you places!

Likes:   Again, food.  You LOVE being a big girl at the dinner table with us!  Playing cars - you and Rob are actually starting to play together!  Painting toenails with Mommy - right now you are bright pink (yes, I realize I am a horrible mom.  Deal).  Going for runs with mom.  Giggle fests.  Playing let's stand up on the train table.  Being pushed in the jumper by Rob.  You are such a happy, giggly, wonderful girl!!

Dislikes: Still, sleeping alone.  You hate it.  Get used to it, girl.  Teething still sucks.  Sleeping at night.  Cutting teeth.  Being strapped down - in the car seat, high chair, anywhere.  You are a woman on a mission and no one is slowing you down!

Sleep: We are getting better here....on some levels.  We finally got you to go in your crib for a decent stretch at night (huge feat!) the problem is, when you wake up at night, ONLY mommy can soothe you.  Dammit.  Kiddo, I'm tired.  I haven't had more than 4 hours of shut eye in 9 months, and I haven't slept for more than two hours without a baby.  I love you, and I love our snuggles but....I hate to tell you, you're gonna need to let Daddy fix it once in awhile!  He can.  I promise.

Eating:  We got the hint quickly, no more baby food.  No baby cereal.  You ain't got time for it girlfriend, and I appreciate that.  We are now into chicken, turkey burgers, eggs, cheese, yogurt, and corn.  And your FAVE - broccoli.  You adore it and would eat it every day if you could!  Oddly enough, you aren't the biggest fruit fan, but you do like bananas.  We got time, kiddo.  Rob will show you the love of fruit, trust me!


Pulling to Stand - Scared the hell out of you the first time, now you love it!
Cruising - You're a pro.
Pool Swim - You love the water!  Bro makes everything better, of course, but you thought it was the funnest thing ever.
Bikini- Aww yeah, you rocked it!
Pedicure - I realize it might be a bit controversial, but everything is.  We love our matching (non toxic, yes!) piggies.  Hot pink today!

Best Moment: No big oh my gosh moments this was more about the little things.  We get to play now - actually interact by playing with a ball or rolling a car back and forth. Playing in the grass - picking it, smelling it.   Looking out the window at the world going by.  Petting the kitties.  I love helping you explore and enjoy the world around you, baby girl!!

Looking Forward to:  Our first stroller race, Bro's birthday BBQ, 4th of July fireworks, and maybe some walking?  Time will tell!  Every day...I love you that much more.  I am suck a lucky mommy, and i know it!

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