Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Pittsford Tri 2015- Oh, right...I should train.

I did not forget.  Tri season kicked off a week and a half ago with the Pittsford Tri - and I owe a race report!!  First things first.  The 2016 Race season has obviously been run focused.  With an ultra, two half marathons and two full's all about that run.  I consciously chose to do it this way - it is so much easier to grab sneaks and go rather than navigate the ever changing gananda pool hours or pump up my bike tires and get out.  So, I've been running 4 times a week, riding twice for recovery, and sometimes swimming in the morning when I can break away (it's tough to justify 6am workouts when the get up at 5.  So, no, I'm not sleeping in!)

The result?  I got done with MTD 3 weeks ago and said Well hot damn...I am supposed to do a tri in 20 days!!  Yikes!  So, I biked the Pittsford course a few times on the trainer, did a few bricks, and did exactly one swim.  The result?  It had been almost two years since I rode outside (Finger Lakes Tri 2014) and almost the same since I had done any kind of structured swim workout.  Being preggo during tri season kinda sets you back a year, doesn't it? :-P

Pre Race: So.  With minimal expectations, we set off.  Greg worked a wedding in Utica the day prior to the race, and I had two crazy kids by myself all day....two kids, who, despite being adorable, decided not to settle down until almost 10pm  and then wake up screaming at 4am.  What could be more perfect?  Oh, right, it was raining.  Deep breath.  With ALOT of goodwill and some well timed humor, we set off.  Dropped Biz off at Greg's godmom's house, then brought Rob to the race with us where Gramma was supposed to meet us.  As we started to set up, it friggin poured.  All over us.  And...Gramma was 40 minutes late (She got lost).  Nothing catastrophic but enough to send me scrambling for the start about 5 minutes before go time.  Yikes.

Swim - 300 meters = 5:42.  Since this was a pool swim, its a wave start.  Which means I started at 7:11, as I seeded myself for a 5:45 swim.  Slow as $hit, but have I trained?  No. (This is a theme).  It was sort of cool to see Greg start and finish (he is speedy!) before I even began.  When my time came, I swam comfortably - passed no one, did not get passed.  perfect.  I ran to T1, got immensely dizzy, and almost fell over.  Nutrition?  lack of sleep?  I don't know.  Probably didn't bode well for a bike, but I'm a moron, so off I went.

Bike - 15 miles: 53:12 (17 mph).  SUCKED.  That's about it.  It had stopped raining, but that was it's only redeeming value.  Things NOT to do at a race would be:  1.  Don't get a bike tune up for 2 years (and ride 8000 miles indoors during that time.  No I did not add an extra zero).  2.  Don't ride OUTSIDE for 2 years.  3.  Don't ride hills, then sign up for a hilly course.  Awesome.  Of course, with my "experienced triathlete" mind frame, it was just 15 miles, right?  Right?  I'm an idiot.  For what it's worth, when my chain wasn't falling off (twice, such fun to hop off and fix) and when I wasn't realizing that hills SUCK when your bike basically has three gears because it hasn't been tuned up in two was...enjoyable?  Actually, it was.  I made peace with the fact that I was going to be significantly slower and enjoyed it about a half hour in.  Bike split was 4 minutes slower than 2014.  Train, Rae.

Run - 3.5 miles: 29:xx.  As I hopped off the bike, I got stupid hungry.  I grabbed my run gear and exited transition in 40 seconds (yay!) only to realize that the gu that I put in my race top was MIA.  F.  Oh well, you can handle anything for a half hour right?  Surprisingly, yes.  The run was not the stuff that sprinting was made of, but I enjoyed it (not a shocker, as run has been the name of my game!).  I ran steadily for 2 miles, took a strategic hill walk break, then coasted in for about an 8:40 pace, which is pretty decent for all that LSD (hey, that's long, slow distance, get your mind outta the gutter) I have been doing.

Total Race time: 1:32:13, 4 minutes slower than 2014, but hey, we will live.

Post Race:  Hung out with the Robster and his new buddies that he made while we were on course, ate some trail mix, and waited for results.  While not my best time, my finish was good for 9th OA and 3rd in my we sense a pattern?

2014.  Me and Rob, 3rd AG!

2016 - Deja Vu?
Maybe I should train for this race next time :-)  Up next - a strange twist...5k this weekend!  cause, ya know, I've really been doing that speedwork (or....not).

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  1. Dude...your not trained swim pace is waaaay better than my trained swim pace!