Thursday, May 12, 2016

Month 8: Biz is standin....(yeah yeah yeah!)

I give up, you little shit.  You're growing up too damn fast!!  This month has been like a had so many firsts and you are just on fire!!  Please slow down.  Please??

Size - About 19 are almost out of 9 month clothes and into 12 months in are so tall, girly q!!  Maybe volleyball in your future?  Hmmm.  More power to ya, hun.  Mommy loves the game but has no coordination.  If you take after your mom maybe you have pole vaulting in your future!  On second thought.....never mind!

Likes: All the food.  REAL food, not baby food, thank you.  Playing with your bro.  Swinging in your swing outside.  Playing all on your own with the floor piano and making music!  Pretty much everything amazes you lately.  You have totally stopped being a baby and are taking the world by storm more and more every day.  I simultaneously love it and it breaks my heart.  Funny how time flies, isn't it??

Dislikes: Sleeping at night.  Cutting teeth.  Having your nose wiped.  Not being able to walk yet.  Bud, I'm all with ya on the last 3 but sleep at night is delicious.  Ca we please talk about that???

Sleep: Oh kiddo.  We hit this regression hard.  You've been up every 45 minutes to hour at night for the last few weeks.  Although, to your credit, you are cutting 4 teeth right now, which is sucky and I wouldn't wish on anyone.  I'm feelin ya, Biz Biz.  But....2am is such a nice hour for sleeping.  I promise.  And I promise that Mommy isn't the only one that can fix it, K?  (AKA I will give you $20 for every night you wake Daddy up.  Promise. .....but lets keep that between us girls, k? )  Crap.

Eating:  Everything.  You tolerate purees, but you really love crackers, pasta, bananas, tofu, and baby pancakes.  You also adore carrots and yogurt, but you would prefer to feed yourself thankyouverymuch.  And you are still a champ at bfing, but if you bite me one more tim, you little shit, I swear Ill....well there's an empty threat :-P.

Standing.  Just happened a few days ago! are better at going backwards, but forward works sometimes too!

Real food.  See above.
Mother's Day.  What a perfect day with both my awesome kiddos.  You totally completed it!!

Best Moment: 
Watching you start to explore the world around you.  You want to see everything, taste everything, touch everything.  And you love your kitties.  You and Meb are already best buds.  It's awesome to see you experience everything the first time kiddo...I love it!!!

Looking Forward to:  Summertime fun time.  We are going to the zoo this weekend, and you are already signed up for swimming lessons.  We have so much fun planned between races, camping, Stoeybrook, Alex Bay and so many other things.  I can't wait!!!

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