Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Pittsford Tri 2014 - Ready set go 2014!

It's getting a bit ridiculous how badly I've been neglecting the ole bloggy.  I'm sorry, folks.  I actually thought I did a race report, but nope nope nope.  Mommy brain is a truly terrible thing- not meaning to make excuses, but tis the truth!  Kiddo has been such a busy guy lately and honestly, I would rather enjoy that to the fullest and miss out a bit on other things...I'm sure you all understand.  We've been working on birthday planning as well (will post on that this week.  Promise).  For now, the delinquent Pittsford Tri race report - first tri of the season!!

Pre Race - Going into this race, I had low expectations.  I've been running long and slow for months, so to go into a Sprint tri, where speed is tantamount....well, a PR was obviously not my goal.  I knew the distance was obviously do able, but I decided to ease into the whole race as just a nice race to see where I could push and what I needed to work on for my 70.3 in July.  Race morning, we woke at 4:30 (which is NOT early anymore, lol), got Meester Rob ready, grabbed some pancakes to go.  Morning was cool (ok, freaking cold!) but with a pool swim, it was no issue.  We got our gear into transition with Rob's help -everyone loves out lil triathlete! and Grandpa Wayne and GG showed up with my mom to assist with da baby so we could wander along to the pool top get a warm up in!

Swim - This was an interesting tri in the fact that it was a pool swim- a 300 yard swim in the high school pool.  Pre race, you submitted your best guess at the time it would take to swim 300 yards, and then were assigned a start to commensurate with it- so someone started every 15 seconds.  With a submission of 5:40 (I have just not been swimming, this is kinda slow for me), I started the 7am race at 7:15.  It was kinda cool watching everyone take off, even if it was disheartening to see the leader exit 10 minutes before I started!  (This would be interesting later- you really had no clue where you "stood" in the race!)  Anyways.  The swim was uneventful.  I was passed by one guy that clearly underestimated his 300yd time, and exited the water at 5:38.  I ran into T1, grabbed my bike, smooched kiddo (in Grandpa's arms, obviously), and headed out to the 15 mile bike.

Bike - This was a new race for me, so I really didn't know what to expect.  I knew part of the course from a duathlon that I do each year, which is hilly, so I started out conservatively.  Not much to say here.  My bike handled well, it seemed easy, and I passed a bunch of people.  I averaged 18, which is lower than I hoped, but it tells me - I need to bike more (am doing this now) and I did not push it.  I had a few nutrition issues - I need to eat a bigger breakfast I think, as my stomach started to grumble in the first half of the bike.  It's funny- my body has changed post baby actually for the better, but it's food requirements are actually much higher - probably due to BF-ing.  Something to take away.  Anyways, through the rest of the bike I cruised, passed about 10 people, and headed out on the run feeling good.

Run - There was a guy that pulled off the bike about 30 seconds ahead of me, so I set my sights on him.  I started out at about an 8:45 clip, and pretty much stayed there for the whole run.  I stretched briefly at mile 2, and felt pretty good the whole time.  I was HUNGRY (see bike) but other than that, no issues.  I do know that I'm missing that higher gear, so I will do some speed work before I do another sprint.  (BTW, I passed said rabbit at mile 1.5, lol).  I turned on the speed in the last stretch and finished the race in 1:28:52 (29:15 for 3.5 miles).

Post Race - As I said above, the race was weird in the fact that you didn't know where you stood for much of it because of the staggered start.  I hung out in 4th place OA for awhile, then eventually settled into 6th, good for 3rd in my AG (yes, place 4 and 5 were both in the 30-39 AG!).  Overall, I was really pleased with the time and placement - my bike needs alot of work, but my run felt good, which means that that Ultra really helped my base.  Kiddo helped me get my award (and tried to eat it then) and with that, the first tri of the season was done!

Next up - musselman 70.3 on July 13th.  Ive been going about a somewhat truncated training schedule, and really trying to spend most of my allowable hours (with job stuff, kiddo stuff, family issues and 1st bday planning- 4am is my training time!) on that bike.  We'll see how it goes.