Sunday, June 22, 2014

Oxygen, stat

Hey hey!  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  It was absolutely gorgeous here, mid seventies and sunshiny goodness all.  weekend. long.  I took it as a sign.

Lately, I've been super struggling, gonna be honest.  Between work ( major funding issues, supervisory struggles, and meetings up the you know what), my geriatric cat (that I love to bits but is a crap ton of work right now (pun intended), a teething kiddo, certain family struggles, and a first birthday to plan on top of Half Iron training (which is my release, but still rough when the only space for your 12 miler is 4am!)...I'm toast.  I'm usually pretty good at juggling life, but lately I just wish someone would scoop up my kiddo for the day, serve me a grilled cheese and tomato soup lunch, and tuck me in for a nice nap.  Yep, my fantasy life is rich, I know.

So....this weekend I decided to just eff it and take care of me.  I got a bunch of necessary stuff done, but before I lost it, I put on the proverbial oxygen mask and did "me".  On Friday, instead of going by our normal schedule, the boys and I grabbed all of our stuff after work and hit Kershaw for some beach walking and open water swimming.  Greg and I each got in a mile loop while the other hung out with kiddo, then we did some family beach time.  Awesome.  On Saturday, I got in a beautiful 12 mile run in the sunshine - I usually hit the treadmill at some ridiculous hour, but it was such a picture perfect day that Greg took over so I could enjoy the fresh air.  My godfather game over for dinner and some kiddo swim time ("fathers day" late because he had to work last weekend).  Today, we got in our chores, of course, but started the day with a great pancake breakfast (even Rob!) and ended the day with dessert before dinner with the 'bears first ice cream cone and hanging out at the petting zoo!

Gotta drive your own car!
Simple?  You bet.  And even though both nights were rough (nother tooth cutting), the days were picture perfecto.  And I did exactly what I needed to do, exactly when I needed to (within reason).

Which is a good thing - the next two weeks are gonna be ridicul-a-mous between party planning/prep, house cleaning, gettin the birthday stuff together, and the two major HIM training weeks- life until July 6th is going to be one hot mess.  But it's the hot mess that I've chosen for my life, and I'm anxious to get into it!!

I'll share some of the party planning soon- right now I've got all of the ideas rolling around my head and a ridiculous to do list from everything to food, decorations, favors, and house prep/to buy/to borrow.  Type A?  Yeah....well, otherwise how would everything get done :-)  (OH!  One little quick tip on the cake - since we are going to have about 30 people over, I've 99% decided that I'm going to buy the cake -for you locals, Tops provides a free "smash" cake or up to 10.99 off a half or full sheet cake, you just need to bring your child's birth certificate to the service desk.  Awesome.

I hope everyone has a fabulous week- do something for you- it might sound selfish, but it really does go a long way :-)

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