Friday, June 6, 2014

11 months - my big boy is sooooo big!!!

Aww, man.  Where did the time go?  One more month...and my little bubby...won't be a bubby anymore!!  Seriously.  It's enough to make you wanna think about the sequel....just kidding!  (Kinda).  While Greg and I won't be contemplating Glaser, Edition 2 for a little bit longer, it still floors me that the newborn stage is gone and for the most part, so is the baby stage!  Almost a year ago, I was feeding 12x a day to a little 6 pound squirt who never slept.  11 months later....its a almost quadruple sized kiddo that zooms around like woah....still eats a zillion times a day (REAL food, none of that baby crap)...and still hates to sleep.  Ahhh, parenthood.  I love it, my 40 winks....does not.  But this show isn't about me, is it?  It's about my little 11 months!

Size - 22ishish pounds.  Too squiggly to stay still for the scale...I sense a theme, here, buddy!  For real, though, you are right where you should be.  You are square in size 12 months (which, by the way, looked enormous a few months ago...yikes!  On a tangent...little boy clothes are so damn adorable, I just can't stand how stinkin cute you are in your threads!!!

Likes: The swimming pool, the downstairs part of the house (such adventures!), crawling and cruising like a madman, your walker (you love taking it for a spin) and mommys bike - they fly wheel on the trainer amuses you for a solid twenty minutes at a time, which is a priceless gift for mommy!  (I think we have a tri kiddo in training, I tell ya!)  Now that it's nicer out, you adore walks in your stroller, and we try to go outside every day. 
Now whip it, whip it good :P

Dislikes: The grass!  It's too funny, my little dude.  You love being on a blanket in the great outdoors and playing with your toys, but if we put you on the grass, you cry like...a baby.  LOL.  Daddy and I have nicknamed it the "lava" to you, and joke about playing True American a la New Girl style.  You do not find it amusing in the least.

Sleep: Awww, its been a rough month.  You're cutting those nasty back teeth, which are so tough on you.  Some nights, you're up at 3am and there is no going back to sleep.  Mommy and Daddy are pretty much zombies and wish we could go to daycare and nap to, bud.  Life ain't fair, though, and we know it will get better soon!  One good thing - when you're out, you are OUT.  Must be all that zooming around and explorations around the house!!

Eating: All of the things.  You eat them ALL.  This months faves - pasta with tomato sauce (hah, so much fun!), cheese, pumpkin pancakes, sausage, eggs, peaches, and peas n carrots with mac n cheese.  You adore all food, most of all the stuff you can feed yourself.  You will make an exception for yogurt though -it's your hands down fave.

Cruising- You haul around the living room on two legs like it ain't no thing.
Standing Unassisted- for about 10 seconds.  IT COUNTS
Brushing your teeth- You loved it!
Kiddie Pool swim- The bestest.  I see lots of splashing in your future this summer!

Best Moment: Our snugs.  I cant believe the first year is almost over, but at the same time, I know I have made the very most of grateful to have had that time with you, buddy.  Every time I am feeding you (we are still kickin with BFing- yay!), or carrying you, or snuggling with you, I just remember that it won't last like this.  And how important it is to take in all the good parts and to have a sense of humor with the rough ones.  I LOVE YOU SO MUCH BUDDY.  

Looking Forward to: Firecracker 5 miler (a family run!), Father's Day, and planning your first birthday (which is going to be so. much fun.....a teddy bear picnic!!!)

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