Friday, November 25, 2016


It's the number of dollars I spent this morning at 2am online when Biz was up for the 5th time.  Or the number of times my bestest sister cousin offered me wine at dinner yesterday (love ya Lise).  It's the number of Christmas cookies I plan to make (what's that, 15 dozen?  Maybe more....).

175.  Not really anything above, I was just teasing.  It's my short term goal.  The average person gains 5 pounds in the 5 weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day.  That's roughly 35 slices of pie, 70 pieces of melt in your mouth fudge, or 150 Christmas cookies.  And while I intend to partake in all the holiday loveliness (95 cocktails, yes please!!), I have no designs of not fitting into my size 6's post 2016 (thank you Rob and Biz, for running us around ragged and helping me get in the best shape I've ever been in!)

So, 175...miles.  If the average 135 pound woman burns 100 calories per mile (yes and I'm 34,now you know all my secrets) then it will be roughly 175 miles to offset all that Christmas goodness.  Honestly?  It's more of a goal just to have one - I've been feeling super out of sorts post marathon, aimless.  This is a nice way to end the year on a high note, burn off some stress, some nestle, and to get through the holiday feelin' strong.

35(ish) miles per week.  37 days.  Day #1 - a nice 7 mile outdoor run on a Friday off, no stress, no Black Friday mess, no nothin but me and the mist and a lil Suicide Squad soundtrack in the background.

7 down.  168 to go.  Who's with me??

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