Monday, November 14, 2016

Now What?

Well, hi there.  I'm aware that its the norm that I am blogging once or twice a month.  Perhaps as the winter sets in, Ill start to write more....lately I just haven't had much to say.  Well, correction.  I've had a lot to say, but either 1) It comes to me during a run and I forgot by the time i have 10 minutes to write, or, 2) It has to do with politics, and, sadly, I've learned that hard way that if my opinion didn't match some of the people I was discussing the issues with, they got personally nasty.  Which is a shame.

Of course, the title of this post might imply I'm getting into some long winded discussion about "now what" for our country, now that Trump is president elect, but I'll save everyone some time.  My thoughts are this, in a nutshell:  1.  If you voted, good for you.  It was a hot button election with strong sides, and if you too a stand, I'm personally proud to call you friend, no matter what your stand was.  2.  It completely blows my mind how wrong the "experts" were in this election - while we were so busy looking at a few select groups, we forgot about the blue collar union worker in middle America, which, no matter how you slice it, had an opinion that was obviously heard.  3.  Again, I'm not dumb enough to try to legitimize my thoughts, cause, we all know that's not gonna fly in 2016 (Wait, what?) but even though I seriously question some of Trump's stances, I'm willing to give him a fair shot.  He is the president elect, and I'm of the mind that it's time to stand by it and give it our best go.  Until December 19th, of course :)

A new goal...naps.  I don't think my boss would approve :-)
But.  Enough soapboxing.  My really about my life right now.  I ended 2016 season on a super high note (One more "fun" 15 mile trail race on the books but for all intents and purposes, the season is done) and now....I feel sort of out of my element.  I mean, I chased that goal for 5 freaking years...what now?  And all of these thoughts I have....BQ?  Sub 1:45 half?  5:30 Half Ironman?  Ironman 2017?  are sort of....fuzzy.  And while I feel in super great shape, I'm not terribly motivated to chase any of them right now.  Which is good, because neither is my body!  But....I've been training for so long this season (basically since December 2015) that I don't quite know what to do.  I took today off, to get some things done.  It was such a gorgeous day, that I HAD to run.  I thought about running to Webster.  I thought about doing a trail run (which I have to drive to get to the trail,  But...I did a nice easy 8 miler, mowed the lawn, cleaned the garage, deep cleaned downstairs, did laundry, and grocery shopped.  A productive day off but....I'm used to taking a day off to go run 20 miles.  Weird.

I know.  Set another goal.  I'm working on it.  While it's all good to about a work goal, or a home goal, or a life goal....I can do that.  But I love having a physical challenge that takes my mind off of life.  That's the point.  Right now, I don't have to run to lose x amount of pounds (I actually am about 10 pounds under goal weight - yes - stop throwing cabbages).  So I do it for sanity.  For work stress relief.  To have some me time where I'm just Rae, not Mom, not Program Manager (Mister Manager?) or any other label in my life.  So what's next?  When I figure it out, I will surely let you know.

But right now, I'm sort of stumbling around in the fog (actually, in more than just running, but that's another story).  And it's a pretty sort of fog, where you admire the mystery and just go where it takes you, but it's still an aimless trip.  And that's about all I've got.  Stay tuned?

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