Thursday, August 25, 2016

To my Sweet Summer (roo)

Disclaimer - If you are not a triathlete, I suspect that you may find me even more crazy after this post.  That's ok.  I suspect every one of us out there has our own 'roo.

Well, it's been one of those weeks.  An out of sorts week.  A "I want to pull my hair out and scream obscenities as I quit my job" week (I love my job.  Just not this week).  A "how in the hell is my baby going to preschool orientation and my other baby turning 1" emotional week.  And, of course, a fucking taper week for my upcoming half.  A week full of first world problems, I am well aware.  But a draining week.  

Then I lost, what to me, may as well be a family member.  No, no one died - I'm being melodramatic, and I know it.  But we sold off my beloved tri bike - she went to an amazing new home, and I know she will be loved.  But I will miss her.
Beautiful girl.

I first got "Summer" , my tri bike, back in 2008 after my road bike bit the dust in a car accident.  She was a brand new Quntana Roo Chiquilo - women's specific, shiny pink, and frickin gorgeous.  I called her "Summer" because my cat, Summer, was nicknamed "roo".  Don't ask.

Summer's namesake!
Summer and I had a great run -  from my first Half Ironman to my first full Ironman in Placid....she was the bike I rode the morning I got married.  The bike I rode all through both pregnancies (indoors of course!0 and the bike I rode the day before I went into labor with each kiddo. She was the bike I rode the day after my fur summeroo passed...after 17 years of friendship, the two wheeled Summer caught my tears as I mourned the loss of my fur kiddo. 

 She took me through 8 Sodus tri's, and quite fittingly, had her last ride on that iconic and special course where I first dove into the world of triathlon.  

Rob n the 'roo
She had approximately 35,000 miles on her over the last 8 years...more than most cars.  And she has some awesome life left in her for another racer, I know.  But I will miss her.  Without getting into it, it was sort of unexpected that I sold her - I knew it was time, and it was the right decision.  Right now I see myself doing tri's, but I'm done for 2016 and now was the time to explore a new bike that fits my needs as a racer now.

Summer, I'll miss you - you were an epic bike and I thank you for all of your faithful years!!


  1. I have a couple pens that ran dry a long time ago. I keep them around because I remember what they were responsible for and the times they came to my rescue. After all, no knight would be complete without her steed. Here's to hoping you find yourself a Red Hare.

  2. She was a beautiful ride - and as much as letting go sucks, bike shopping can be lots of fun!

  3. She looks like a beautiful ride and I hope you have fun with bike shopping for a new one.