Saturday, August 13, 2016

Month 11: Oh My God....What Happened to the Baby??

Wow, kiddo.  Seems like just yesterday, we were heading off to Highland in our Mickey shirts (blame bro) to welcome our new kiddo....and now, here I am, with you and said bro hanging out, playing cars in the next room, a first birthday party invite on the fridge, and a scrapbook in the making on the table next to me, filled with 335 days of the Biz.....where did the time go??  (I feel I am a broken record.  I say the same thing every month.  But it's do the days fly by so fast???)  Well, like it or not, here we are.  The last monthly edition of you, the Biz, by the months old month t this time, you will be the big ONE year old lady!!  Wow, wowee, wowzers.  Insane.

Size - 21 pounds.  You are as healthy as can be, little one.  Next month we will find out how tall you are, but when I even attempt to feed you on the boppee (so hilarious), you just fall off.  Such a far cry from the little nugget who basically fit in my two hands!

Likes:  Basketball!  We have a little fisher price set and you love dinging the basket (sometimes you even throw the ball in, too, lol.  You love reading, playing cars with bro (you are getting good at it!) racing in the czy coupe, and playing with your bulldozer.  You also have a weird fascination with the toilet, which is gross yet funny....we call you Mario behind your back (ok, to your face, too!!)

Dislikes: Still not too much other than the obvious.  You aren't a fan of canteloupe or bananas, which is kinda weird, but in the food dept (more below) anything else is A OK.

Sleep: Seems to have hit a regression this month, dammit.  You go down usually about 730 like a dream....then wake up anytime from 11pm to 2am screaming for me.  Yes, only me.  Who needs sleep anyways?  I guess I can do that in 18 years.  Maybe.  But the upshot is, we do get soem good snuggles in.  Even if you want to talk about boys at 2am.  Too soon, Biz.  Too soon.

Eating:  OHMYGOD.  All the things.  Except, of course, cantaloupe and bananas!  You put away steak and burgers like a dude, and you adore cheese (don't blame ya).  Grapes are fun, and of course, the old standby, yog.  MMM..  my little nomser.  I got my email of the month from strong moms, talking about how its about time to wean from purees...HAH.  Like, 4 months ago.  Such a brat you are.  And I love it :)


Stairs!  You climb them like a champ.  I am in serious trouble.
Boat ride:  We went to the 1000 islands for a long weekend, and rode in a big boat! You loved it.
Vacation:  See above - We had a blast on vacation, you loved exploring and hamming it up for everyone.
Standing, unassisted:  Walking any day now, running soon to come I am sure.
Clapping:  You are your own biggest fan.
High Fives:  You love them!  They make you giggle, you get so impressed with yourself!

Best Moment: Watching you zoom up those stairs.  It was sort of bittersweet, because i know the baby days are nearly over....but watching you explore and take chances, and the big grin you get when you scale those steps....just melts my heart, kiddo.  Mommy is so darn proud of you!

Looking Forward to:  Your first birthday!  Invites are out, and we are going to have a book party, complete with your fave, Sophie (and all the giraffes).  I can't wait to see you in your pink party dress and, of course, said party dress all smeared with cake :-).

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