Thursday, August 18, 2016

Sodus Tri 2016: Because you know I'm all about that run, bout that run...

Ahhh, Sodus.  It seems this race is the one constant in my life.  It's the race that started all this madness off (yep, still thanking Greg for that 12 years later!) and the one race that we make sure is on our calendar every single year.  This is the race that I jumped into Lake Ontario in 2005 with no concept of what the heck a tri really was, the race I did in 2009 as a newlywed (one week post wedding!) and the race I did as a new mom in 2013 (5 weeks PP).  This race has seen me through everything.  It holds my worst time (2:01, first tri) and my PR (1:21).  It's close, friendly, and we have done it every year in one shape or form (yes, I did my own race last year, as a non competitor!) since then.  This year, it was not about the PR.  As somewhat of a slacker in the tri department, I was well aware that if you want to do well in a have to train.  And despite my best intentions, all that promising I did post Pittsford resulted in....more running.  The pool sucks here (no consistency), and lately,  I've been running more than anything.  So rather than shooting for a PR, I decided to hang on in the swim, not die on the bike, and PR on the run (current run PR 25:05)

Pre Race:  We left the kiddos with gramma and a friend (such a wise choice) and headed out to the point.  Picked up packets, stared at the muck of choppy mess that was the lake, and got ready to do battle.  With an hour to go, the RD announced that the swim would be in the bay whih is...unheard of.  Seriously.  In 11 years, we have always thought this would be wise....turns out, the town never let them do it.  So they asked the sheriff.  Kudos, boots, kudos.  Dipped in the water for a quick warm up, tore my wetsuit (shit!) and got ready to rock it.

Swim: 17:56.  Seems that when you make the water extend the swim.  According to the 5th place OA, the swim was 950m instead of 750, and I believe it.  I was figureing about a 15:00 swim, so I felt bummed, but when everyone else has a 3 minute longer swim, you roll with it.  Swim felt a bit more congested...there were quite a few more women in the mix, and the bay was smaller.  There was also a significant sand bar that made swimming pretty rough, but other than that, no biggie.  I felt comfortable, albiet slow for me.  And when I checked my watch post swim, the PR was off the table.  Hey, nothing like relieving stress early.

Bike: 42:14.  Hit the bike feeling good - helmet on correctly, check (yes, I am the moron that put it on backwards in 2014) and I was ready to rock.  Hit the small hills in the beginning without much incident, and settled in to ride.  I had crap luck with my bike in Pittsford, but Greg tuned it for me, so it shifted nicely, felt great, no worries.  I didn;t really have the speed, but held 20ish on the flats and didn't dip too low on the hills.  Passed 7 women and coasted into T2 in 42 minutes and change, about 2 minutes off my bike PR, but feeling good.

Run: 24:05:  YESSS.  The run.  I glanced at my watch runnign out of T2, and knew I needed a sub 27 to get under 1:30, which was my B goal....(A goal to PR, such a pipe dream).  I knew I could do it, but a sub 25 was really the goal.  I passed one woman coming right out of T2, and settled into the run.  I felt pretty strong until .5 mile when a woman about my age passed me like I was walking.  Hmmm. ...keep her in my sights!!!  Halfway in I was at 12:25 so...turn it up a gear!  I passed said age grouper at mile 2, and we ran together for a bit.  We confirmed that we were both ...33.  Game. On.  At 2.75, I felt awesome, told her I was turning it up and to come catch me.  I blasted it in the finish line (kept her at bay!) at 24:10, a 7:48 pace and almost a full minute PR.  YESSSS.

Overall time was 1:27, no PR by any means, but I was proud of my run and that's what I came to do.  I also now had something cool to request for my birthday (a wetsuit, lol) and a sweet 2nd AG award, 8th woman OA.  Seeing as the woman that won my AG came in 2nd with a 1:15 and did Kona I felt...pretty legit.

Sodus, you are an awesome race.  Every year you throw it down in some way, and I remember why I love tris.  Just next time...I promise to train.  For real.

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