Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Week 30: Blazin' Saddles

Into the 30's, holy cow!  It's just amazing to think that in about 10 weeks we get to meet this lil nugget - I can't wait!  (But stay put, dude/tte, ok? You need to bake some more :-))

Your pregnancy: Week 30

During this 30th week of pregnancy, your baby continues to steadily add weight and important, insulating layers of fat to his body. 
  • At Week 30, your baby weighs about 3 pounds and is about 15-1/2 inches long , or about the length of a bunch of celery.
  • From this week until week 37 of pregnancy, your baby gains an impressive half a pound a week.
  • Your baby might be practicing breathing movements as he rhythmically moves his diaphragm. You might even notice a slight twitching in your abdomen when this happens.
  • Your baby's brain continues to expand and develop, creating additional grooves and folds in the brain's surface. These wrinkles give your baby's brain tissue the needed room to expand as he develops and learns throughout his lifetime.
  • Your baby's brain can now regulate his temperature, so he begins to lose the lanugo, which is the fine hair that has been covering his body for warmth.
Holy cow.  I can't believe how big this child is getting!  Yep, I know, I'll be saying that for the next 18 plus years....already can't believe how big Rob is!  Greg and I started pulling out the old baby clothes last week and the newborn ones are soooo teeny!  Seriously, did Rob ever wear those?  I think not.  
Total Weight Gain: Up 17.5 pounds this week.  I ate like a champ :-)

Baby Nugget's first duathlon (relay)!

My Body:  Like a bored townie in a college bar, this friggin ivy keeps plaguing me.  After a few weeks of no rash but itching, the ivy rash is coming back AGAIN.  I went to the docs yesterday and they gave me an Rx for high dose prednizone...which I am still on the fence about filling.  I shouldn't google things.  It's just a bad idea.  I know they wouldn't give it to me to fill if it was bad for the kiddo, but the studies on premature birth are just so inconclusive.  And I keep telling myself...it's just poison ivy.  For 5 weeks.  All over my damn body.  Seriously, Greg, kill that $hit in the backyard, please!  (For the record, no I haven't been back there.  The doc said I can basically breathe the air and get it now because my immune system has no resistance.  Eff.)  Other than that, doing well.  My belly is large and in charge but the rest of me is good.  Cutting back on the cardio a bit but sill managing 45 minutes to an hour a day of swimming, biking, running, kickboxing or yoga.  Mostly low key. :-)

Cravings: Chips n cheese is back, as are berries and peaches.  Love summer fruits!

Aversions: Sleep. But not really.  I want it.   My body does not want to cooperate.  Grrrr.  Also averse to work this week - I love my job but there have been a number of small annoyances that just make me want to start this whole maternity leave right about now :-)  (Shhh....don't tell my boss that - except I already (teasingly) did).  Hah.

Sleep: See above.  Body, please be kind to me.  I promise to be lazy if you let me!!

Baby Items Bought/Received: Few more wipes.  I do the pampers rewards and all my wipes were huggies, so I bought a few packs for points this week = 300 wipes for $4.  Not too bad - we'll use em :-)  Also got a few christmas gifts for nugget on a mega sale kohls was having - but it's a secret...Santa told me not to tell!

Best Baby Moment: Nugget helped me run his/her first duathlon this weekend - in Hamlin NY.  I've done this tri before, and Greg wanted to race, so I asked my friend Brennan to do the bike part, and like a saint, he agreed.  It was a 2 mile run/16 mile bike/4 mile run - I did the run part and Brennan biked.  We did rather well for it being 90 degrees out and being 30 weeks preggo - first two miles in 8:46 pace, last 4 in a 10:40 pace.  I'll take it!  Nugget wants to know when the next race is!

Goals: Sleeping.  Please.  Also, hoping to take a few days off in the next few weeks, or else I will never pull it all together before this kiddo is born!!

Worries:  I sound like a broken record.  Does sleep exist?  really, does it?

This Week:
Run: 11 miles
Bike: 75 miles
Swim: 4 miles
Total: 90 miles

To Date:
Run: 319.1 miles
Bike: 1830 miles
Swim: 78 miles
Total: 2188.1 miles...or, the distance from Rochester, NY Vancouver, BC.  Think there's an Ironman out there somewhere...just sayin' Nugget.... :-)

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