Monday, July 6, 2015

And he's 2! Rob updates - here comes the toddler!

Yep, I know.  You thought I was done with Rob updates...well, 2 seems like the occasion to post!  I cannot believe that my little buddy is now a full fledged toddler - no more baby, for sure!! My little guy (and you always will be)    Every single day I am so darned amazed that I was picked to be your mommy - you bring such joy, laughter and fullness into our lives and I can't wait to see what the next year brings!  So, what's Rob up to at the ripe old age of 2?  (Aside from telling people he is starts already!!)

One week old...
One year old!!
My big two year old!
Size - 28 pounds.  You are right on the mark at 50% for your weight, and have been all along.  So glad we don't have to fret about that - we KNOW you are a growing boy!!  Good thing Mommy coupons...

Likes: You are beyond obsessed with Mickey Mouse (we are ok with COULD be Teletubbies or Barney., thank goodness you have better taste than that!!).  You LOVE LOVE to read - we read at least a dozen books a day, and you are getting so good at the names of the characters and what is in the books- your vocabulary must be at about 300 words by now- such a smart dude!!  You also adore riding your trike, your cozy coupe (Which you can propel yourself on now!) playing outside in your pool and on the "go ga" (Slide).  And your kitties.  You love "Mebby" so much and he is such a good sport!  

Dislikes: Red meat (you are your Mom's kiddo).  Turning off Mickey.  Leaving the park.  Leaving anywhere fun!!  Naptime (though bedtime is usually cool with you).  That's about it.  You're a pretty laid back kiddo - aside from a few standard toddler temper tantrums, you are an even keeled dude!

Sleep: I never thought I would say this, bud, but you are every parents dream kiddo here.  We had a rough first year, but we introduced the toddler bed in March, and after a week, you never went back.  Must have been the height or bars on the crib, but ever since we introduced Thomas the toddler bed, you sleep like a dream.  Naps most days are 1-3, bedtime at 8, and you rarely get up before 6-6:30.  We have the occasional wake up, but overall, you rock!!  Hopefully that lasts when nugget arrives....

Eating: Once again, you are a dream most days, bud (are we sensing a theme?  Yes, I am biased but its true!)  You love your fruits and veggies (especially berries, "manyas", corn on the cob, and "boccli").  You adore cheese and yogurt, and tolerate meat - thankfully you do like chicken and beans (once again. my kiddo!)  You gobble up turkey dogs like a champ, and have reached 3 in one sitting (yikes).  Love it, kiddo.  Keep up the good work - no matter what the kids say, veggies and fruit are GOOD!

Running - you ran two official races!  Iron Rob, here we come!

Walking backwards - you find this hilarious
Phrases and sentences - yep, we are up to 4-5 words.
Counting - You are strong up to 9, sometimes 10.  Yowza.
Vacation - we went to New Orleans and the Outer Banks - you loved the beach!!  (And water, in general)
Again, I know there are more - you just keep amazing us every day!

Best Moment: Watching you love running.  And racing.  And every little piece of outside fun activity you can.  As an adult, it's easy to get jaded to the "every day" stuff that is simply amazing to a toddler - and Daddy and I have really found that again with you.  I love it, little guy. You make my life so much better every day just by being in it! 

Looking Forward to: Our Taking you camping, the zoo, Seabreeze, and every bit of summer fun we can soak up!  Then watching you become a big brother this already love the "babbbeee" and give Nugget "mooches every day.  But make no'll always be my baby, my little guy, my amazing Ro-Bear.  Love you so so much, my kiddo!! 

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