Monday, January 19, 2015

Big Wheel Keep on Turnin'

mmmm....cocoa pudding.
And here we are.  It's the middle of January - Christmas is over, resolutions have bee road tested and either failed or become routine (Hey, I did well with 2 outta 3!) and...what's next?  Well, for some of us lucky kids (don't hate) we do get today off for MLK Jr day.  So that's nice.  And what better to do on a cloudy Monday than to go through your pictures, do some organizing, a snowy run, and settle down with a mug of cocoa and a trashy magazine?  Mmmm....nothing.  I adore my child.  But I also adore a daycare day when Mommy doesn't have to work!

So, deer update - it seems as if my car was a hot mess.  It's been at the spa for a week and they *hope* it will be done by Friday.  Being a one car family has been rather interesting - juggling daycare, work, running errands, etc.  I don't think we could do it long term, but thanks to my awesome daycare and super flexible amazing boss, we have made it work.  Also, hats off to my mom for doing pick up drop off a few times!!  I'll be changing my comprehensive for sure in the winter - seems as if there is only a $7 difference between a $200 and $500 deductible, which would have been much easier to swallow.  If you live in a deer filled area- check your comprehensive!  That's what they go for when it's an animal run in.  Damn deer.

Save now, play later!...or...both.
On the ole $$ money front, Greg and I have been looking at our finances in 2015.  We read an article in one of my magazines on saving $$, and one of the suggestions was to think about how your decisions today affect your 80 year old self.  And to give that self a name and to refer to that self as an actual person when you're holding that $150 pair of jeans or $6 latte.  Well, we happen to be talking about Back to The Future at the time, so...we will be looking at our expenses through the eyes of Lorraine and George.  We are so classy.  And Lorraine says I don't need two phones anymore, so as of February 1 we are downsizing our cell plan and getting rid of my phone.  I'll still have google voice, so my cell can ring to my work phone or Greg's phone, so I won't lose the number entirely (which is awesome, I have a great number!)  But for two people that use the phone as little as we do, it makes a ton of cents.  Roughly 7,000 a month, exactly.

House front - we've had some second showings this week and are fully expecting a non contingent offer this week.  Fingers crossed.  We did enjoy that at their end of visit survey last week they thought the house needed some work but was priced well.  This weekend it was excellent in showing, still needed some work, and is now overpriced.  LOL.  Funny how the housing market "turns" like that in 8 days....

Running - Still going strong!  Signed up for a spring race and am getting back into double digit training.  Love winter running (when its between 25 and 40.  I am such a wuss).  19 day running streak - 63 miles to date.  Woohooo!

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