Monday, January 5, 2015

18 months - Its a....TODDLER!!

18 months - Its a....TODDLER!!  

Well, if it wasn't official before, it sure is now.  This morning we dropped you off in toddler, buddy. TODDLER.  You are getting so darn big - every day.  Seriously, what happened to my baby?  Oh, right.  He turned into the BEST BIG BOY EVER!!

So, it really is a big day.  18 months old, and starting in the toddler room for daycare.  I

dropped da 
'bear (cause he's always my bear!) off this morning, and, admid tears (mine....Rob just looked at me as if to say "Hey, ma, whit being a whiny baby") I left him with his big boy friends.  Nah, just kidding.  I did get a titch wistful for my baby, but it is so. damn. much. fun to watch this kiddo grow that as he went off like a shot I laughed in delight right with him!  But, down to brass tacks's time for another kiddo update (been awhile!)

At 18 months....

Size:  You clock in at 27 pounds and 33" tall.  According to my scale, that is.  You're right smack in the middle of the charts for everything (except intelligence, of course - you are off the charts in that one!)  You fit right into size 18 months, except for that tummy that sometimes prefers 24 month clothing :-)  Diapers - size 4 still.  Hopefully up to 5's soon - mommy has about 900 of those ready to go :-P 

Likes: Oh, you love all of the things!!!  Sledding, sliding, swimming, the ocean, blocks, cars, the kittehs (your favorite words are KIT-TEY and Meb!), reading stories!  (We average about 7-8 stories per day because you LOVE READING!) and still - snuggles with mommy and daddy.  You've graduated to the big boy crib (oh what a struggle!) but you still adore snuggling with Mommy and Daddy in the big bed when you wake up at 6....or 5....and we are ok with that :-)  Sometimes you let us sleep till 7:30!

Dislikes: Being strapped down.  hah.  What a shocker!  You love the car but hate your carseat.  You love to eat but hate your high chair.  We finally moved you to a big boy booster seat which is MUCH better for you!  

Sleep: Pretty much nailed this one.  You take a nap for about an hour or two each afternoon and go to sleep about 8pm.  You wake up most mornings about 6, then snuggle with us for about an hour.  When you're teething or not feeling good, we let you sleep in the big bed, and everyone is happy for it :-)

Eating: Oh, kiddo.  You eat all of the things.  You adore your veggies and fruit.  Not as big a fan of meat but you still eat it.  We finally weaned you (so sorry it was NOT your idea but Mommy called that one) and now you drink out of a big boy cup and everything!  You are getting pretty awesome with a fork and spoon and we all love mealtime!

Running - you are a speedster!
Stairs - You can climb up and down them!
Pointing to body parts and recognizing words - you can tell us about Kitty's, stars, cars, and most of your body parts!  You are learning to tell us about potty time, too!  
Words - Right now you have about 30 words and are learning more every single day!  We are really trying to watch our

Best Moment: Christmas morning.  You had such a blast with Santa gifts and your energy was priceless!!  So much more fun this year.  We all had a blast!

Looking Forward to: Learning more from you every day!  Toddler crafts, sledding, snow play, the Easter bunny.....awww, I can't wait!  Love being your mommy!!!

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