Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Pump Up The Volume

Happy 2018!  I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year's and is ready for a year of fantastic.  We kept it low key with the shit weather and had a small apps party with some board games, and yes, admittedly, passed out by 10:30.  Damn, I'm old.  I got up on New Year's Day and rocked out an epic 8 miles in honor of 2018 (not ready for 18, so I compromised!) and had a nice quiet set up day with Greg and some friends.

I've been pulling together my arsenal for 2018 - Ironman Training plan in progress, goals set - super scary ones, as the best ones always are.  Greg set up some awesome decals to rock out our workout inspo, check it out!
11:59, baby.  11:59.  It's such a crazy goal for me that it awes me to say aloud, but hey, moonshots happen.  This month is all about the set up to make it work - crafting workout schedules, races, and setting up the crock pot freezer meals and energy bars (Santa brought us a crap ton of gatorade, gum, Epsom salts and clif bars.  We are ridiculous.)

In terms of training, Greg and I are working in 4 week blocks and right now it's all about pumping up the volume.  I've got a solid run base, but my bike kinda sucks, which is *slightly* important in a race where 60% of the race is riding - so, we bike.  Right now my long bike is 3 hours, and I am so damn thankful for the return of crap TV, as my soap has run out of back episodes (no judging, folks.  You all know I love Y & R.  Lalalalalala I can't even hear you).

And to further channel my inner MARRS, I have been absolutely rocking my new workout playlist, which works equally well in the pool, bike or run.  I should note that my music taste is only slightly less questionable than my TV taste, but here goes - a sample of my tunage:

Marshmello - You and Me
Portugal the Man - Feel it Still
Imagine Dragons - Whatever it Takes
Britney Spears - Work B*tch (this never gets old)
Charlie Puth - How Long
Coldplay - Hymn for the Weekend
Calvin Harris - Feels
Antiserum and Mayhem - Hustle
Justin Timberlake - Hair Up
Papa Roch - born for Greatness

I told you.  It's a hot mess.  Are you shocked??

What songs are you loving lately?

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  1. 11:59 is a damn awesome goal. I can't wait to 'see' you nail it!

    As far as music goes, I'm old (and lame), so my favorite playlist of late includes:

    Back In Black - AC/DC
    Sky Full of Stars - Coldplay
    Uma Thurman - Fall Out Boy
    'Till I Collapse - Eminem
    Ray of Light - Madonna
    He's A Pirate - Pirates of the Caribbean Soundtrack