Sunday, September 11, 2016

To my not so much a baby anymore baby girl

Hey Biz biz.

Mommy might be slackin to the max when it comes to some forms of blogging (like your party or a new race development) but kiddo, this is too important to be late for.  It's about you.  My baby girl.  Or, as it seems, not so much a baby anymore baby girl.  See, kiddo, one year ago today, you were still in Mommy's tummy.  We didn't even know if you were an Elisabeth or an Andrew or a Sean then (yep, we had two boys names.  And yep, your real name is NOT biz).

Kiddo, you changed that all one year ago tomorrow.  You came out in a flurry of Miss Bizness, all ready and raring to go!  (even if the hospital staff didn't quite make it to get you!).  I gotta tell ya kiddo, before you came along, Mommy was nervous.  I already had one perfect child - how could I possibly make room in my heart for two?  And how could I be a mommy to a girl if that's what you were??  Here's where you make that famous giggle coo of yours that says....silly Mommy.  Because of course I loved you times a bazillion squizzilion from the moment I saw you.  You are a perfect bundle of sweetness and spitfire all wrapped into one.  And from the moment your brother walked in the room and dubbed you "Biz"...I knew I had my perfect family, with more than enough love for both my kiddos that my heart gets a little bigger and kathumps more and more with unending love for both of you every single minute.  I never pictured a girl....but my Biz are every mother's dream baby.

In the last 12 months, Biz, you and I have become tighter than tight.  We get to see each other every day, and since Mommy works from home, we get to snuggle, feed, and sometimes you even poose out on Mommy while I'm working!  Aww Biz.  We snug so well together.  There is nothing you love more than to be wrapped in the bjorn, right up against me, chattering, nomsing, giggling, or passed out on my chest, a perfect earprint a leftover reminder of our bond.

And we play.  We go for runs in the stroller (you JUST beat me every time!), we read, we blow raspberries, we feed each other yogurt (true story) and we play silly made up mommy n Biz games.

You are such a daredevil!  You love exploring in the fridge, racing alongside Bro, climbing up and down stairs, and practicing ballet on the third step up, grabbing the railing (your barre) and cracking me up.  You also love your kitties so much, and Rinny loves you to pieces - snugging up against you when you don't have a mommy nearby to nap on.

Biz, your brother adores you.  Watching the two of you play together as he teaches you and you strive to emulate him bursts my mommy heart into a zillion pieces.  If I thought life was amazing with one, it doesn't compare to the love I feel for each of you seperately, but also together.  I can't imagine a life filled with as much joy, love and laughter as we have now!

Tomorrow, you will be one.  It makes me a little bit sad, as I think of the nights that you spent snuggled on my chest, the days you spent wrapped tightly in my arms, needing and loving your mommy so much as she protected you from the big world out there.  Never again will you need me so much, baby girl.  As I packed up your baby clothes, I got a little bit (ok a lot a bit) emotional as I looked at the NB onesie you wore on the way home....your froggy slippers...and the most perfect little cap built for a tiny head.  As you are our youngest, there will be no more newborn outfits.  No more rocking and feeding 5 times a night.  No
more 14 diaper a day changes....(Ok, that I won't miss).  It's bittersweet.

But then I remember the sound of a Biz laugh.  And you petting Meb so gently, eyes full of wonder.  Or as you pull up to stand, let go of the couch, and stare at me in amazement as you conquer your first steps.  And then I remember....that each stage is only better and better.  And soon we will be giggling together as we read a book and then go splashing in the pool, or play candy land, or snuggle on the couch and watch Madagascar for the 400th time  (Oh wait, that's all your bro!) and I remember that each stage and phase is the most amazing ever.  And how very lucky I am to be your mommy.

Thank you, Biz a biz.  You showed your mommy how very much love a person could have for have been the best baby biz a mom could ask for, and I can't wait to spend the next rest of my life sharing mommy and biz and daddy and rob time together.....I am so very blessed that you came into my life.  And I love you so much, my princess.


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