Monday, September 12, 2016

12 Months ....One Year Old! The Bizzle!!!

Today's the day, Biz!!  One year ago today, you graced us with your presence in a typical Glaser fashion - full out, in a hurry, in your face Biz-ness.  In the last year, this has not changed one iota.  And while I will miss my baby girl in a way that only a parent can, I cannot WAIT to see the little toddler that surely won't toddle for have so much to do!  So with that, let's look at our last monthly edition of "the biz" - thanks for reading along as I did these with both kiddos, they were alot of fun and a great way to make sure this busy mommy stopped for a second, took some pictures, and documented important milestones.

Size - 22 pounds, give or take (we shall see for sure this week at the docs!).  Biz, you are such a healthy, sturdy little girl.  Don't ever let anyone tell you that's a bad thing - those muscular and well built Glaser leggos will get you far - maybe even an Ironman someday???

Likes:  Playing catch, chasing cars, running (or bear crawling) around with Rob at the "Glaser Speedway".  Snuggling with Rinny (that cat loves you!!) Playing in the pool (no matter how big!), going down the slide, going for rides in the wagon, and exploring the great outdoors!!!

Dislikes: Morning naps.  Sleeping through the night (again).  The inability to go as fast as Rob.  Someday, kiddo - someday.

Sleep: Time for some ole fashioned love in the form of sleep training, Bizzle.  Right now you are awesome until about midnight, when no one can calm you down except Mom.  Which is so flattering, kiddo, but at the same time...Mommy's tired.  And even though I love snuggling with you, our 3am conversations would be alot cooler if we didn't have things to do in the a.m.  Capiesce?  Mkthanks.  Love you baby girl!

Eating:  You are such a champ.  Every parent's dream.  You are still a boob girl, but I have no problem with that for a few more months, kiddo.  You started whole milk this month and do a great job with the sippy.  You also still love all the foods - you love meat and eggs, cheese, and of course ice cream!  You also through your strawberry cake for your birthday was pretty delish, and decorated your party dress as it needed to be done - with frosting!!

Steps:  You've taken two- such a big girl!!
Descending steps - You do this as part of your dance repertoire - gives me a heart attack, but you are pretty good at it!!
Sliding down the slide - You squeal with glee!!
New Words: Ball and Dadden (Dad).  You're gonna be a motor mouth - I know it!!
Birthday cake:!  You loved your pink cake!

Best Moment: You had such an awesome first birthday - watching you during your party, hamming it up, loving your cake, twirling like the princess you are - made me smile with such happiness little one.  You are gonna be a handful when you grow up, and I wouldn't have it any other way!  You are such a little personality and bundle of joy.  

Looking Forward to:  YAll the fun stuff of toddler hood - the walking around, laughing, trying new sounds and words, and yes, even the crayoning of walls and screaming with glee to watch the Lion King for the zillionth time (yep- you heard it hear!)  I LOVE YOU BIZ A BIZ!!!

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