Thursday, July 7, 2016

Rob Cat - My threenager

Holy cats.  Where has the time gone???  Yesterday and today, while on facebook, the "timehop" feature came up to show me pics of the 2nd birthday, the 1st birthday, and when we brought our little peanut (errr, turtle) home.  I can't even believe 3 years have gone by, then I look down at my little dude and realize how much he has grown and what a big guy he really is!!  I'm super tired, super out of touch with anything resembling a life, and way too vested in Lightning McQueen and Blaze but....I have never been happier.  Rob-cat, you are the best thing that has ever happened to Dad and I - you made us parents and we can't imagine life without you!!

So what's my "threenager" up to these days?  What ISN'T he?  Well, aside from telling everyone he is Ten (buddy, stop it!), this has been another huge year of is our yearly update!!In pics.....
One week old...
One year old!!
Two Years Old

My big 3 year old!!
Size - 31 pounds.  You are about 35%, we find out for sure next week.  You are such a freakin good eater but you never stop moving, so this is probably why!  No worries, dude, Daddy was a scrawny little kid and now he has all the muscles, so it's all good.  You are 3 feet tall and sometimes I look at the size of your feet (so big!) and wonder how you fit inside my tummy.  Yikes.
Likes: You are beyond obsessed with cars, planes, and trains (wait, where is Steve Martin??)  hah.  You love Lightning McQueen, Mater, Dusty, Blaze, and Paw Patrol.  You still are in love with your Czy Coupe and love to ride bikes.  You adore dancing and are obsessed with "Party Dance" (Oiki - thanks Dad for the Trap obsession!!).  You are bananas
about your sister, you protect her and love on her so much.  You still love reading, and we read books every night.  You also have a sort of girlfriend named always want to play with her and have some definite ideas involving snuggling, smooches, and underoos.  Oh man....  

Dislikes: Eating dinner.  You have things to do!  Bedtime (of course), nap time. Basically anything that shuts you down for .5 seconds is NOT cool.  You also still are not a fan of most meats, but you love beans, so we gotcha covered.  
Sleep: Mad regression here bud.  I think the addition of a newborn and the addition of so many new cool skills and experiences leaves your head spinning at night!  You sleep through the night about once a week....otherwise you wake up at least once when you have a bad dream or your little head is just spinning.  Now that we are working on ON potty training. sometimes that's a reason, too.  Mommy snuggles make it all better but....part of me can't wait until you are that teenager who sleeps till noon!  (Remind me of that in 10 years....).
Eating: You love food....when other things aren't more interesting!  You still adore your fruits and veggies, love turkey dogs, yogurt, pouches, and ANYTHING chocolate.  You are totally your mother's kiddo in that respect!!

Milestones/Firsts:Oh so many.....Counting to 20Learning the alphabetlearning to play soccerLearning to swim!Becoming a big brother!Getting potty trained (daytime)Just to name a few!!  We have preschool coming up's going by so fast!!  You have at least 1000 words in your vocab, if not more, and you talk in complete sentences.  The other day, you told me "Mommy, you're so transparent".  Ugh.  Maybe you really ARE 10!!!
Best Moment: Watching you and Biz.  Buddy, when you were born, I truly did not believe I had a bigger capacity for love.  I was wrong.  Watching my big boy and my baby....the two of you are just simpatico.  It is amazing.  I love you both to buts and pieces, and my life is so much better because you are in it!!
Looking Forward to: Everything.  Preschool.  Summer camping.  Going to amusement parks.  riding bikes.  raking leaves, snowball fights, family game night.  Buddy, I am so lucky they picked me to be your mommy!  I love you!!!

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