Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Month 10: The Biz-Monster!

Seriously, kiddo.  It's not funny anymore.  Can you please just stop growing?  As I stuck on your 10 month badge yesterday and you pulled yourself up, looked down at it, took it off, chewed it, and bent down to throw it out I baby is growing up so damned fast.  In less than two months, you won't even be a baby in name anymore!  How sad.  When I feed hang off the boppy.  You eat food all by yourself, no help from mom.  And you loco motor better than any 10 month old has a right to.  You antagonize your brother, then grin as if to say "look how cute I am".  Biz, you are no baby.  And I miss those super snuggly baby days so much!  But....without a doubt, you are growing into the best damn personality in the world and I wouldn't trade that for a zillion snuggly nap sessions.  Plus, you still like to cuddle.  I'd say you got it goin' on, girly - q!

Size - 20.5 pounds, 70th percentile!  You are also in the 80th percentile for height, measuring 29 inches tall.  Obviously, you are a well fed and super healthy kiddo - Doc S agrees that we must be doing something right!!

Likes:   Swimming and anything water.  We put you in the pool last month and you love kicking in your baby floater!!  You also love driving the cozy coupe....Rob pushes you all around the kitchen and white room.  You are a little too short to pull a Fred flintstone sans floor panel, but you think it is super fun anyways!!  You also are starting top love cars (Thanks Bro!) and try to play monster trucks with Rob all the time.  Grass is hilarious to you, and you also have made raspberry blowing your new jam (hah, see what I did there??)

Dislikes: Wow, I must have a brain fart here.  Other than strangers, teething and napping when something is cooler happening (all duh) I can't think of much.  You sometimes get frustrated because you aren't walking yet, but that's more of an impatience to go go go!!

Sleep: Through the night!!!  Thanks Dad!  When I was in Vegas last month, Greg trained you up and now you usually sleep for at least 7 hours a stretch, which is super awesome.  Sometimes you even go for 8!  Now we wake up anywhere between 4 and 6 for noms, and if it's earlier, we get some mommy/biz snuggles in.  Twist my arm, baby girl.

Eating:  Pasta is your new jam, specially pas-ghetti.  You suck it down and find it hilarious.  You also love eating corn on the cob.  Ice cream is a new fave, too - chocolate, of course (mommy is severely outnumbered in this household!)


Word - You busted out the momma and the dadda, but also said cat.  That counts.  Smart girl!
Race-We did our first mommy-biz 5k!  You, of course, beat me by .5 seconds.  ALWAYS.
Zoo Visit- You thought the cats, especially the tiger, were epic.
Sleep Through the Night.  You rock (Especially for my FOMO children!)
Fireworks - Albeit in the distance.  You thought poppers were so cool!
Picnic - Mommy's work picnic!
Amusement Park Ride - We rode the carousel!  You had a blast!

Best Moment: Enjoying all of the summer moments with you - playing outside, in the water, sharing an icee, going for walks.  We have really soaked up tons of small, everyday fun, and it's just amazing, kiddo.  The little things really are beyond amazing.

Looking Forward to:  Our first vacation (1000 islands), berry picking, and mommy's week off in a few weeks - I get to spend all week with my two favorites!!

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