Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Second act: Biz, month 2

Biz and Jeff....yikes.
Two months???  Kiddo, where did the time go??  (I know, I will be saying this alot).  Seems like yesterday they were placing you on my chest for the first time, and I look at you are soooo big.  It sounds trite, but the days are long and the weeks and months and years are so short.  I can't believe my maternity leave is almost over - crazy.  I'm not sure I totally got to miss work (lol) but even though it will be hectic it will be nice to be back.  Greg and I needed to be creative with child care, so he will be taking some time off to be with the Biz which will make life a bit easier for a bit and give him some dad/daughter bonding time.  But for now are mine, all mine :-)  So what's up this month, kiddo?


Still adore snugs.  We put you in your bjorn and you snuggle up against mommy or daddy while we get some stuff done.  And of course, we take an afternoon nap together.  Once you get comfy, you snuggle up for hours, and make soft cooing noises.  Love.
You also have a serious thing for your giraffe, Jeff (we are the most creative parents ever).  He sits in your crib when you are being changed and playing and you just make eyes at him.  We think it's getting serious (Dad will be having a talk with him).
You also LOVE being sung to - you favor big hair bands and ballads from the 90s....god help us.  Mommy is getting good at singing Mr. Big and Firehouse.  Yikes.

Still have the witching hour after dinner, but we know that's typical.  Still not a fan of bath time - I suspect that will change when you can sit up like a big girl and go in the real tub (we are getting close).  Otherwise, you are a pretty even keeled kid.  Sometimes you have your moments, like we all do, and we have had a few 3am pajama parties, but overall, you are a super good kiddo. (duh).

You are really starting to rock out at this - we do a feed around 8, and you pass out usually from about 9-2:30.  You do another feed then, and about half the time drop back off to sleep until 6am.  Sometimes you want to play at 2:30 -working on that.  You take 3 naps during the day - one in the morning on your own, a short cat nap after lunch in the bjorn, and a two hour late PM nap, usually with one of us.  Funny how a schedule like that seems to be routine.  Its a little harder when Rob is home, but you deal with a noisy toddler rather well (most of the time).

Still rockin out at this one!  You weighed 11 pounds at one month, and we go to the doc next month.  You are in the 75% for height and weight - go girl go.  You eat like a champ.  Bottles are another story, but you do pretty well, even tough you prefer it right from the source, lol.  I cant wait for some real food in a few months - I bet you'll kill it.  Right now though, moo juice is best.

First Coo- October 14th.  You sound so sweet.  Working on your babbling now, you have vowel sounds down pat.  I'll be calling Mensa later.

First laugh- October 25.  Of course you laughed at mommy.  What took ya so long kiddo??
First Halloween - You did awesome with the trick or treating - Rob the monkey and you the banana.  Next year will be even better when you can see whats going on a bit more :-)
Rolling over - November 3.  Yep, you already roll back to front. Yikes.  I expect college is coming next....or a 5k where you beat the pants off mommy.
love my kiddos.

Best Moment of the Month:
Watching you and Rob together.  Kiddo, its awesome.  Your bro loves you so stinkin much,  When you cry, he comes over and says "Its ok biz biz" and tries to hug you or pick you up.  He gets super protective when anyone else is around you.  He helps you with tummy time.  and still drives cars on you (I swear, its an expression of love).  Oh, I love my babies.  So darn much.

Looking Forward to:
Getting ready for your first Thanksgiving and Christmas - this is the best time of year, kiddo.  even though Mommy has to go back to work in 3 weeks we will still have plenty of time to dance, decorate, and make cookies :-)

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