Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Quack Quack

Well how the heck did that happen??  It's November.  Thanksgiving is next week, and Christmas shopping and season is upon us.  YIKES.  Plus, I only have 12 more days maternity leave (tears).  I won't lie, I do miss the structure of working and my job (sometimes, lol.  I love my job but the time off is nice) and certainly my co- workers....but...I have grown quite used to snuggles and 24/7 with my Biz.  The nice thing is that my office moved virtual this month, so even though I will be working, Ill be home 3 days a week at least.  Greg is taking some time off to bridge the gap we have with child care, so I will still be able to feed and snuggle my kiddo sometimes.  Score.  Even though part of me wants to snuggle Biz forever, I know I have the best of both worlds, especially with the holidays coming up.

But.  In the Glaser household, this time of month means more than turkey and Santa.  It means plans for 2016....races, specifically.  Most of our big races start registration in November or December, so we start to plan our calendar around them.  And if you know me at all, I have been DYING to plan for next year.  Making babies is super important and I don't regret a single second of it, but it does put a damper on what I like to do best in my "me" time.  I feel like I've been massively on teh back burner since 2012 and I am ready to rock next year (Note - I know how freakin blessed I am.  That was not meant as a complaint in the slightest, just a fact).

MTD 2014
So...I signed up for an ultra.  Hell yeah.  You might remember back in 2014 when I did Mind the Ducks - a ridiculous 12 hour looped race where you run a one mile loop as many times in 12 hours as you can.  Yep, thats the one.  Since its close by, I figure its smartest, plus the whole bathroom and aid station every mile.  And I can feed Biz halfway through if I need to.  Yes, yes, I am still crazy.  But you all knew that.  Two years ago I did 54 miles in 12 hours...and this year i WILL break 60. 

So what does that mean?  a few things.  MTD16 is my big race next year - Ill throw in a few tris, maybe an Olympic distance race, and hoping for a fall marathon (Wineglass is on my birthday).  There's a marathon in Albany in February that if i can piggyback a work trip off it, I'll do.  But now?  Training.  Yep.  I fell off the running wagon a bit when I had Biz (I know, first world problems) so it's time to amp that back up.  I found a 24 week plan I liked online and tweaked it - training starts November 29, so look for some fun updates.  How does one train for a 12 hour race??  Well, I did a ton of research last time, and now I'll be tweaking that plan to fit my new schedule.  It's roughly 4 runs a week total -  two longer runs back to back, and two medium runs.  Ill probably throw in a few days where i do a 12 or 15 miler, 3 miles every two hours.  Basically. I need to figure out how to keep going when I'm tired and to be as strong 9 hours in as the beginning (where I collapsed two years ago.)  

So having kids...was my MTD training.  Kidding.  Stay tuned for updates - I can't wait to start training :-)

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