Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Johnny's Runnin' O the Green 2015: Like a G2!

Hi guys!  Nugget here.  Mom said since this was my first race ever that I get to tell you about it and I said, well, of course!  Just because Rob is the big brother doesn't mean he gets to do all the talking!  (Oh boy).

So Mom, Dad and I ran Johnny's Running O the Green on Saturday morning.  Mom was kinda nervous because she hasn't been feeling awesome and took a month off from running, so she was a bit rusty.  (I have no idea why that happened ).  We started off the morning right with some pancakes n syrup (again, I am working on breaking Mom of her oatmeal habit- blech) and headed off to the city to RACE!  We dropped Rob off to play with cousins Karen and Tom, cause Mom and Dad said he can't run in this race yet - too many people.  I'm portable, so I got to do it - yay!!  We parked away from the crowds and headed to the Arena, where we picked up our bibs, stretched and hung out with Mom and Dad's runner friends - this is the season kick off, so there were tons of people there!!

Mom and Dad lined up at the start together - they wanted to race together with me!  (I could have gone faster, but WHATEVER.)  The horn sounded super quick - we weren't even ready!  Dad took off and Mom and I ran after him, dodging racers for the first mile or so to find a rhythm.  It was super hard at first - even though we weren't going fast, running is hard work for the first 5 minutes!  After a bit, we settled into a nice pace and ran with Dad - clocking in mile one at 8:24 - a little faster than we thought, but not too bad!  Mom was hoping for about a 9 minute mile, and Dad said that sounded good to him ( I would have won, but Mom told me I have to wait a few years to do that, lame!). We stretched out out legs for mile 2 - Mom saw some of her friends and chatted with them, Dad running right behind us.  Then Mom got silly and lost Dad (we didn't even realize it - oops!!)  We hit mile 2 in 17:15, and the turnaround in 22:00 - it was more uphill than Mom thought, but we didn't stop once!  Once we hit the turnaround, we saw Dad about 30 seconds back and he told us to GO GO! So we kinda did!  I told Mom she should run faster but she decided to be a boring old adult and play it safe, so we maintained about an 8:45 pace. Mile 3 - 26:20.  We saw a radio guy that Mom knows and ran with him awhile, then the Fleet Feet crew cheered us on at mile 4 - 35:10.  Mom and I kicked it in just a touch for mile 5 and cruised toward the finish, then with about 100 yards to go - we flew!  (and passed 6 or 7 people - AWESOME!  I like fast!)  We finished with a chip time of 43:15 and Dad clocked it with his GPS at 5.1 miles, which was about an 8:30 pace.  Dad finished right after us and we grabbed ourselves some green bagels - yum! and some coffee - YUK.  I told Mom no coffee and since I am the boss, she listened.  Stuff tastes like crap, anyways.

After the race we all went to hang out with Rob at cousin Karen's and had a yummy brunch, complete with PIE cause it's PI day!  I had so much fun.  Mom says I get to race again in 6 weeks - we are running the Flower City Half Marathon!!!  I can't wait!  

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