Monday, March 9, 2015

Are you ready for an Encore?

A big thanks to everyone for your kind words in person, online, Facebook, blog emails/comments - Greg and I are so thrilled to bring Baby Glaser #2 into this world!

 I am now about 12 weeks pregnant.  Yes, I will be boring you to death with weekly updates - it's already interesting to me how this pregnancy is similar and TOTALLY different than with Rob - a lil of each category!  I have lumped weeks 5-11 all into one because....not much has changed.  Ill post sometime this week, then go forward weekly from there.

A few FAQs.....

Due Date: September 22.  I take firm requests for baby pool, but a curse on you if you think I should go late (ahem to those wanting me to have an October baby - NO!)  The doc told me to be prepped by September 1 just in case I have an ambitious child like last time (rob was 3 weeks early).

Boy or Girl?:  Baby.  Nope, we still don't want to know.  We liked not knowing last time, and 99% of everything we bought was gender neutral.  We will probably paint the nursery creamsicle or a pale yellow, just to change it up.  And PS - We don't care what it is - 10 fingers 10 toes.  I think one of each would be cool, but two boys are just fabulous with me too!!

No really, I'm thrilled.  
The Big reveal:  Holy cow. I will be straight up with you - I knew about nugget (as we are affectionately calling him/her due to my obsession with chicken nuggets in the first trimester) when I was 3 weeks pregnant.  I was in a meeting and the smell of lunch made me want to gag.  I wasn't sick.  Then, I couldn't east yogurt.  Bananas and coffee smelled like death.  But still too early for any results...I told, I swear....  I tested for a week, with nothing.  Then I found out that the internet strips I was using were widely known to not be that accurate.  So I hit up the dollar store...and 3 positives later, was convinced!  But hey, I can't do the reveal.  So I dressed Rob in a shirt I bought for him a few months ago...and he told Daddy.  Who got it right away.....and was so excited!!  The grandparents...not so much.  Rob posed for Gramma for a good hour before I told her.  Guess I need a bullhorn next time!!  (No, there will not be a next time).

How am I Feeling?  Holy shit.  I'll save it for the first weekly update, but this lil one knocked me on my butt.  A month straight of throwing up, tired as all hell, and not being able to run at all for 4 weeks (you know I biked, cause that's me, but still!).  Seem to be slowly turning a corner now.  It's for the best reason ever, but lay offa Mom, will ya kiddo??

Racing Plans?  Needless to say, there are no marathons or ultras or tris in my 2015.  I will be doing Johnny's 5 miler this weekend, a half marathon at 18 weeks, and a 12 miler at 24 weeks.  I am contemplating doing a du relay at 30 weeks, but we will see.  A few 5ks sprinkled in as well :-)  Post partum, there is a 20k I have my eye on 8 weeks after the baby is due, but we will see.  I did a half 10 weeks after Rob. but I know every kiddo is different.

And that's that!  Stay tuned for the baby update - weeks 5-11 :-)

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  1. congrats rae & greg!! looking forward to hearing all about baby #2!! :D