Monday, February 9, 2015

And so it goes

Ahh, funny what a week can do.  Un interrupted mileage, energy, ambition, a new house....

damn, what a week.

18 month check up- serious business!
In prominent news, The Glaser clan has caught the plague.  Sore throat, body aches, tummy trouble, yuck yucky mess.  I spent the better part of the week being a blob, poor Rob had the sniffles, and it was just a hot no fun mess,  Rob seems to be doing much better, Greg and I are still sort of hit and miss.  Ahh, well.  Win some, lose some.  I suppose the deathly cold diet does have its perks, as we've lost about 10 pounds in two weeks together.  LOL.  Here's hoping for some feel good vibes soon!  Hand in hand with the death plague, I'm sorry to report that my mile a day challenge has bit the dust.  I was going so strong till last Sunday when I could barely move.  I started to contemplate and Greg goes "Don't even think about it.  You don't even have the calories to work out.

Such a wise man I married.

In other news, Rob had his 18 month check up and passed with flying colors.  As we suspected :-)  He has a few new favorite words - "Done", "More", "Bubbles"  (we have to spell this out now, because if we say it, he will run for the bubbles!  Which is fine for the first 45 minutes :-P) and my personal favorite, "pease".  Smart kiddo- mommy would basically hand him a 10 pound bag of M&Ms and a liter of coke is he turns those big eyes on me, points, and says "Pease, mommy!".  Ahhh, I love that kid!!

It's a dog eat dog world.
In house matters, sadly, we lost the Fairport house.  The sellers opted not to re- sign our extension, which bites, but we are ok with it.  We will continue to market our house for a bit and see what happens, while looking on the East side.  If we don't see anything, we might wait a bit.  We loved that house but have really adapted the :if it's meant to be, it will be" attitude.  It's all good.

And that's about it.  I wish I could say I had some wonderful new recipes for you, but right now it's Popsicles and chicken soup.  I wish I had some cool new workouts for you, but right now it's watching old episodes of American Horror Story (so creepy and horrible, yet amazing)  and Friday Night Lights.

But, on the plus side, it's Hallmark holiday this Saturday, so that's good!  Greg and I are super low key about the holiday, but Rob told me he has something cool planned for Daddy, so I think a day with my boys is just what the doctor ordered :-)

Stay warm and healthy!


  1. That's one serious looking baby!

  2. Aww...sorry about the house :( Hope everyone feels better really soon, hang in there.