Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 in Review's almost over.  Where did 2014 go?  Funny how I ask that question every year, but it seems to spin faster and faster...especially with a kiddo.  Regardless, looking back, its been a pretty cool year.  First, Christmas.  It was amazing.  We had one of those nauseatingly wonderful family holidays - from spending time together, playing with Santa's toys, building a snowman (in the 60 degree heat - that takes a miracle!) to too much eating and family cooking (and tweaking some traditions!!)

Reading with Aunt Lisa - the 'stache and snazzy big guy sweater!
Playing with drums Santa cool!
What do you bring a kid that has everything?  A snowman on a 60 degree day - Uncle Alan is magic!
Santa came!
No prunes, thankyouverymuch.
 The magic of the season.
 Polish (kinda) tradition....the Bochka Pierogie!

Awesome.  And the last few days have been consumed with leftovers, cleaning up, and gearing toward 2015, which, even though I know it can be done, will be hard to beat 2014!

I finished up my ride goal today, and am really looking forward to seeing how I can top 2014 fitness wise next year.  Santa brought me an activity tracker and I have some pretty cool ideas about how to make 2015 healthier and happier.  Stay tuned :-)

So how bout them rezzies??    I really enjoyed my goals for 2014 , and looking back, I think I did ok.  I DID NOT learn to curse less, and I need to seriously work on that one for this year with a little dude that's learning to talk!  But I did get out of my shell with a new kind of race (ultras) which I pretty much fell in love with.  Please don't divorce me, babe :-P  I also tried to work on a life balance and, with the help of my awesome husband and flexible boss, managed to run an ultra, a marathon, and a half ironman.  Success.  No PR's, but I seem to be settling into shape post baby just fine and I think if I focus on one goal in 2015 I can hit it.  What would that be?  I don't know.  We'll see!  House wise, we did really well this year - we went under 6 digits on the loan which is huge for us.  And, unexpectedly, we might be moving, which was not in the books!  Will be interesting to see what the new year brings!!

How was your year?  I hope everyone has a wonderful time celebrating the new year tonight - we will be having a low key gathering again this year and can't wait to ring in another amazing year!

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