Friday, October 17, 2014

What an "Incredible" 5k - Safe Journey Race Report

Hey hey there!  Hope everyone had a good week.  I actually seem to have turned a corner with marathon training- I'm still so freakin tired but I had a few awesome tempo runs in the 8-10 range, so here's hoping to a solid 20 mile run this weekend, which would make me feel so much better about this whole thing!  3 weeks to go - I know I have it in me to run a pretty solid marathon *if* the stars align as they should!

On a fun note, we did a family run this past weekend in a nearby town (Fairport).  It's a 5k that benefits domestic violence and incorporates a fun Halloween theme for all to enjoy.  This is a rare race that allows for strollers right in the rules (even includes awards!).  Rob and I did this race last year as our first race together (3 months old!) and I thought we kicked butt at 28 minutes, second stroller in and in the top half of my AG.  This year Greg decided to join the team and we had a goal of going sub 27.  To sweeten the pot?  We decided costumes were IN!

We dressed up as the Incredibles - Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl and Dash.  Rob wasn't too sure about the masks, but for the run, he was IN.  It was a gorgeous morning, mid 50s and cloudy, perfect for running.  We had a few family snafus and some upset tummies, but seeing as this is a flat course, we decided to push on.

We lined up toward the right and back in order to go wide.  I grabbed the handles and took first shift- before we knew it we were off!  The first mile of the course has a slight uphill at first, and then a great downhill section where you can fly!  We passed people left and right in mile one and clocked in at 7:40.  Mile two flattens out and is in a narrower section of the canal, so it was a bit harder to pass.  Greg and I relied on hand signals (he was having some leg pain and my tummy was not happy) but we managed a respectable mile 2, total clock 16:01.  Mile 3 was more of the same....we saw the lead stroller at the turnaround and knew we couldn't catch it (clocked in at sub 22) and so we held on the best we could for the last 2 miles and finished our 5k in 25:37, a firm STROLLER PR!  Gregs garmin clocked a 3.18, 8:08 pace which I was super pleased with.

Post race we had an awesome breakfast of breakfast pizza, granola bars, starbucks, and hot dogs (ROb ate one by himself!)  We didnt stick around to see if we won best costume (It was naptime, and Rob also wanted to get home :-P) but we placed 136 out of 500 people - I came in 6th out of 27 in my AG and Greg came in smack in the middle of his.  An awesome 5k and we will be back again next year, family costume in tow!!

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