Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Treats, not tricks

 Hello there!  Once again, I am always missing.  Why is this?  I swear that I think about this blog more than I let on.  I write posts during workouts, during boring meetings (wait, what?) and during my commute.  I really need to get a Voice transfer's just that when I get 5 minutes to spare, I wont lie.  A bubble bath, cup of coffee, gossip sites, the latest Jodi Picoult....well, you know what I mean.  I need to get better at this though, because I always have so much to share with you guys!!

First, a marathon update.  We are 11 days out and....I'm nervous.  I rocked out my last 20 miler 9 days ago and officially started taper.  True to form, I managed to f*ck up my leg pretty bad and have been dealing with quad pain for the last week.  I stopped running, and did swimming and some low key biking and stretching, and attempted a 5 miler Monday.  It went well, cardio wise, but I felt super tight.  This is pretty normal for me (I hate taper wiht a passion) and I think its just a lack of rest, stretching, and a bit of a push on that last run.  I hope.  Hello epsom salts, foam rolling, and a massage pre race.  And crossed fingers.  Cause that works.  I would really like to PR, but I will take this one as it comes.  I could feel super awesome November 9, but if I don't, I won't kill myself.  It's been way too long of a will be nice to have some down time, training wise.  But our other big development,.,,,is of course Rob.

He checked in at 15 months and is doing awesome - 24 pounds, 31" tall and ahead of the curve in terms of both physical (running) and mental (string words together) milestones.  Go Rob!!  And, of course, we have been having all sorts of fun toddler fall excitement....we did a fall costume festival put on by the rotary club with hayrides, carnival rides (yes, we took him on the tilt a whirl.....bad parents! and face painting.  Our little leopard loved it!!!
We also have been teaching fine motor to dance!!  He's getting pretty good at it:
You know the ladies will eat that one up with a spoon.  And last night, we showed him the second best thing about Halloween (aside from Candy candy candy! )  We watched Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin, then made our own great pumpkin!

Clearly, we had a blast.  And Rob thinks pumpkin tastes pretty good, not that we ever doubted that one :-P  Halloween in t minus 2 days....and it's on a Friday!  I some trick or treating for a certain lil leopard!  What are you doing for the holiday?

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